I have started my MRes in Animal Behaviour in February 2018 after graduating from The University of Nottingham with a BSc in Biology (First Class, Honours).

Francesca Occhiuto.

My MRes focuses on the habitat use by small mammals in wetland and associated habitats. In particular I am trying to understand the ecology of the harvest mouse, which is a very understudied species, and find out if there are changes in habitat choice throughout the seasons. I am using a new monitoring technique which consists in live-trapping in the stalk zone of reeds and tall grasses (Kettel, Perrow, Reader, 2016) to survey the reedbed and adjacent habitats in several sites in Nottinghamshire throughout winter, summer and autumn.

Previously I worked on the effect of male harassment on the foraging behaviour of the crab spider Synema globosum, as part of a fieldwork during my second year as an undergraduate and for my third year dissertation I researched the behaviour of African elephants in a reserve in Swaziland where all the bulls of the herd had undergone a vasectomy.