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My research group works on a variety of questions in insect evolutionary ecology. The following is a list of topics for which we have been awarded grants or studentships.

Grants awarded

    Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Vacation Studies Grant
        Traplining in bumblebees (1986)
        Flexibility in trapline foraging (1988)
    British Council LINK with Suez Canal (Egypt) and St Andrews (Scotland)
        Biodiversity in the Sinai desert ecosystem (1993-8)
        Natural resources and the Bedouin of Sinai (2000-2006)
    British Ecological Society Small Project Grant
        Community interactions in knapweed galls (1987)
        The impact of insect galls on plant fitness (1988)
        Parasites of rodents in Eastern Poland (2010)
        Parasites of rodents in Sinai (2012)
    European Community
        Restoration of degraded Nama Karoo (1998-2000)
    Italian Debt-Swap
        BioMAP: a National Biodiversity Mapping Database for Egypt (2004-7)
    Leverhulme Trust
        Research Fellowship: The evolutionary biology of the Syrphidae (1999-2000)
        Research Grant: Sustainability, biodiversity & Bedouin traditions in South Sinai (2012-2014)
    Natural Environment Research Council
        Spatial heterogeneity and insect populations (1992-3)
        Community disassembly and ecosystem function (2003-6)
    Nottingham University Research Grant
        Thermoregulation in Syrphus ribesii. (1987)
    Nuffield Foundation
        Research Grant: Pattern and process in insect behaviour (1985-7)
        Undergraduate Bursary: Fitness in a galling aphid (1989)
    Royal Society Research Grant
        Pollination relationship in the Sinai desert (1991)
        Hoverfly communities in the Soviet Far East (1995)
        Visiting Fellowship to Dr Valeri Mutin (1996)
    Mohamed bin Zayed species conservation Fund
        The Sinai Baton Blue (2011)
Research students & postdocs
  • Rehana Zafar (MPhil 1985-7) (British Council) Development and behaviour of larvae of the Melanostomini (Diptera, Syrphidae).
  • Mike Benson (MPhil 1986-8) (private funds) Host-parasitoid relationships in the Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae).
  • David Grewcock (PhD 1986-92) (NERC) Why are hoverflies such poor mimics ?
  • Samy Zalat (PhD 1986-8) (Egypt) The taxonomy and biology of Hymenoptera from the Sinai.
  • Karim Vahed (PhD 1989-92) (SERC) The role of the spermatophylax in cricket reproductive strategies
  • Phil Bragg (PhD 1990-6) (self-funded) Phasmida of Borneo
  • Fayez Semida (PhD 1990-3) (Egypt) Pollination relationships in the Sinai desert
  • Karin Sorensen (PhD 1993-2000) (self-funded) Habitat choice in galling insects
  • Judy Mann (PhD 1992-5) (with Rothamsted) Monitoring and prediction of grain aphid movement between and within cereal crops
  • Dr Klaus Hövemeyer (Postdoc 1993) (Germany) Insect-plant relationships
  • Dr Alain Maibach (Postdoc 1994-5) (Royal Society) Conservation of rare insects
  • Dr Samy Zalat (Postdoc various times) (British Council) Biodiversity in Sinai
  • Dr Muhamed Bedir (Postdoc 1995) (British Council) Biodiversity of Sinai
  • Dr Mustafa Nagar (Postdoc 1995) (British Council) Biodiversity of Sinai
  • Martin Selby (PhD 1994-2002) (with Rothamsted) Enhancing the control of the carrot fly.
  • Rob Glinwood (PhD 1995-8) (with Rothamsted) Using aphid sex pheromones to enhance parasitoid efficiency
  • Salma Azmeh (PhD 1995-8) (NERC) The problem of imperfect mimicry
  • Hossein Namaghi Sadeghi (PhD 1995-8) (Iran) The evolution of specialisation in insect predators
  • Dr Valeri Mutin (Visitor 1996) (Royal Society) Biology of Syrphidae
  • Sam Cook (PhD 1996-2000) (Rothamsted) Pollen volatiles as cues for pollinators and pests
  • Sherif Baha El Din (PhD 1998-2001) (self-funded) The herpetofauna of Egypt: species, communities and assemblages
  • Mike James (PhD 2000-3) (Leverhulme) Biology and conservation of the Sinai Baton Blue
  • Martin Hoyle (PhD 2000-3) (NERC) The design of corridors for nature conservation: experimental tests using moss patches
  • Dr Adrianna Kralikova (Postdoc 2000) (Royal Society) Hoverfly biology
  • Philip Staddon (postdoc 2003-6) (NERC) Community disassembly and ecosystem function
  • Tim Newbold (PhD 2006-9) (NERC) Testing the value of distribution modelling (Tom Reader = main supervisor)
  • Abdlrahman Abdlrahman (PhD 2007-10) (Libya) Neighbourhood effects in the plant communities of Jabal Al-Akhdar
  • Stine Simensen (PhD 2009-12) (Norway & Nottingham) Sinai milkweed and its herbivores
  • Sarah Blake (MRes 2009-10) (self-funded) The Sinai milkweed weevil
  • Katy Thompson (PhD 2009-12) (self-funded) The Sinai Baton Blue population dynamics
  • Amy Shepherd (MRes 2009-10) (self-funded) Ants communities and the Sinai Baton Blue butterfly
  • Olivia Norfolk (MRes 2009-10) (self-funded) Run-off agroforests and the Bedouin gardens of Sinai
  • Uttaran Maiti (MRes 2009-10) (self-funded) Evolution and ecology of Melanostomini (Syrphidae)
  • Dr Nasreen Memon (postdoc 2009-10) (Pakistan) various projects
  • Joao Pedro Pio (MRes 2010-11) (self-funded) The stone ramparts of the White-crowned Black Wheatear (with Kate Durrant)
  • Katie Leach (MSci 2011-12) (u/g) Climate change and the mammals and butterflies of Egypt
  • Gabi Brown (MSci 2011-12) (u/g) The Milkweed Bug Spilostethus pandurus and its hostplant
  • Tom Dawson (MSci 2011-12) (u/g) Climate change and the distribution of Platycheirus
  • Luke McLeod (MRes 2011-12) (self-funded) The stone ramparts of the White-crowned Black Wheatear (with Kate Durrant)
  • Ahmed El-Gabbas (MRes 2011-12) (Chevening) Climate change and the Egyptian herpetofauna
  • Chris Poonian (PhD 2011-18 part-time) (self-funded) Bedouin aboriginal fishing in South Sinai
  • Caroline Servaes (PhD 2012-16) (Nottingham) Long-term climate change in South Sinai from pilgrim accounts (with Georgina Endfield)
  • Chris Taylor (PhD 2011-14) (self-funded) Imperfect mimicry
  • Andrew Power (MRes 2012-13) (self-funded) The Sinai Hairstreak Satyrium jebelia
  • Olivia Norfolk (PhD 2012-15) (Leverhulme) The biodiversity value of Bedouin gardens
  • Lisa Gecchele (MRes 2012) (self-funded) Carnivores of Sinai (with Kate Durrant)
  • Haitham Zalat (MRes 2012-13) (Citadel) The biology & conservation of Sinai Thyme Thymus decussatus (with Sara Goodacre)
  • Katalina Bobowik (MRes 2012-13) (self-funded) The genetics of South Sinai Bedouin (with Sara Goodacre)
  • Emad Kaky (PhD 2013-17) (Kurdish Govt) Models of plant distributions
  • Peter Verdon (PhD 2013-16) (self-funded) Pollination by syrphids
  • Rayan Al-Ansari (PhD 2013-17) (Saudi Govt) Alkanna and Anthophora in Sinai and Saudi Arabia (with Sara Goodacre)
  • Jonathan Kirk (MSci 2013-14) (u/g) Models of scent marking by bees
  • Peter Coals (MRes 2014-15) (self-funded) Grazing and plant communities in South Sinai
  • Harriet Hall (MRes 2014) (self-funded) Scent marking by Anthophora
  • Aram Jaf (PhD 2015-19) (Kurdish Govt) Evolutionary biology of Platycheirus
  • Joe Monks (PhD 2015-19) (self-funded) Altitudinal variation in gall wasp communities in Oman
  • Chris Mackin (PhD 2016-20) (NERC dtp) Functional groups in pollination of crops
  • Edward Gladigau (MSci 2015-16) (u/g) Bias files in species distribution modelling
  • Rob Barber (MSci 2016-17) (u/g) Bias files in species distribution modelling
  • Caroline Padfield (MSci 2016-17) (u/g) Anthophora territories in Sinai
  • Jamie Musgrove (MSci 2016-17) (u/g) An individual-based model of the metapopulation of the Sinai Baton Blue butterfly
  • Victoria Granger (PhD 2017-21) (Woodland Trust) Conservation of the UK's ancient trees
  • Lucy Crowther (MRes 2018-19) (self-funded) Effects of agri-environment schemes on bees
  • Daniel Lamch (MSci 2018-19) (u/g) Modelling the Sinai Baton Blue population
  • Sarah Raymond (MSci 2018-19) (u/g) Modelling insect invasions into the UK
  • Terri Marshall (MSci 2018-19) (u/g) The parasites of Sinai spiny mice
  • Stephen Orford (MSci 2019-20) (u/g) Modelling scent marking of flowers
  • Daniel Willcox (MRes 2019-21) (self-funded) The conservation of Owston's civet
  • Beth Sydenham (MSci 2020-21) (u/g) Interactions among South Africa's big five
  • Tabitha Taberer (MSci 2020-21) (u/g) Climate change and hoverfly mimetic patterns
  • Kelvin Wu (PhD 2020-26) (self-funded) The hoverflies of Hong Kong
  • Antonia Leckie (MRes 2020-22) (self-funded) Estimating lion densities
  • Becky Nicholls (PhD 2022-26) (NERC) The bumblebee mimicry of Volucella bombylans