Abdlrahman Abdlrahman - A brief CV

Personal data

Name:                         ABDLRAHMAN Y. A. ABDLRAHMAN

Nationality:                            Libyan

Marital Status:                       MARRIED

Home Address:                       Hai AI-Salam - Shahat

Work Address:                       Omar Mukhtar University - Faculty

                                                of Agriculture Protection Dept. Al Beida / Libya.

Scientific Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Science.           Plant Protection - Omar Al    

Mukhtar University Academic Year [1987].

Master M.Sc. Degree in Agriculture Majoring in [Entomology] -   

Omar Al Mukhtar University Academic Year 2000.

Scientific Degree: Lecturer (2005).

Subjects which I had been taught:

1. Gen. Entomology                                                      2.Med. & Vet. Insects

3. Storage Insects                                                         4. Food pests

5. Fruit & Forests Insects         6.Insect Ecology

7. Economics Entomology         8. Fundamentals of Protection Science.

Years Experience: 19 years [1987 - 2006].

1987 - 1996: In the field of Environmental Protection and Laboratory Analysis: Regarding analyzing drinking water.

1993 - 1996: Assistant Lecturer in Plant Protection Department                             

           faculty of agriculture - Omar Al Mukhtar University\ Al Beida.

1996 - 2000: Preparing for my Master Degree Protection Dept Omar AI-Mukhtar University.

2000- 2006: Member of Teaching Staff – Protection dept .faculty of Agriculture Omar Mukhtar University.


Now  2007 - July 2011: PhD student in the University of Nottingham.UK.

July 2011 - present: Returned to Lybia to resume post at Protection dept .faculty of Agriculture Omar Mukhtar University.