Members of the behaviour and ecology group are involved in a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities. Students make a vital contribution to our research output, and many student projects have resulted in publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Our second year Behavioural Ecology field course is a particular highlight (find out more here).

Modules that we teach

  • Experimental design and analysis 1 (1st year - TR)
  • Genetics, ecology and evolution (1st year - MPE, KLD)
  • Animal behaviour (2nd year - KLD, DF)
  • Behavioural ecology field course (2nd year - FSG, MPE, TR, KLD)
  • Biodiversity field course (2nd year - ADCM)
  • Ecology (2nd year - FSG, TR)
  • Experimental design and analysis 2 (2nd year - FSG, KLD)
  • Natural systems (2nd year - MPE)
  • Evolution and behaviour (3rd year - TR, FSG, KLD)
  • Conservation (3rd year - TR, FSG)
  • Evolutionary ecology (3rd year - ADCM)
  • Research presentation skills (4th year - MPE)
  • Practice and process in science (4th year - FSG)
  • Experimental design and statistics for biologists (4th year - TR, FSG)
Key: TR = Tom Reader; FSG = Francis Gilbert; ADCM = Andrew MacColl; MPE = Markus Eichhorn; KLD = Kate Durrant; JMB = Jerzy Behnke.