Dr Kat Jones 

(Anne McLaren fellow, 2010 - 2011)

Kat left us in September 2011 to take up a lectureship in Bangor. Here is how she described her research interests during her time with us:

Research Interests

I am a behavioural ecologist specialising in predator-prey interactions. I am interested in all questions that aim to understand how prey avoid predation and how predators overcome prey defences. Recent questions I have tackled include “how do chaffinches respond to different types of predator when foraging?” and “are escape response delays in fish related to personality?”

I work on a variety of taxa, but am particularly familiar with birds and fish. My published work tends to utilise laboratory experiments, but my inspiration always comes from the field. I aim to empirically test the models generated by theoreticians more mathematically gifted than myself, often finding animals don’t behave as predicted! I’ve worked all round the world and am always open to collaboration whether via e-mail or travelling further afield.

As well as my research interests I am very keen on promoting ecological education. I have taught MSc students out in Nigeria, Open University summer school students and visited primary schools in Scotland. I also provide “early career” representation on the British Ecological Society education committee (which aims to promote ecology in the classroom).


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