Former students (since 2007)

Ahmed El-Gabbas (MRes, 2015)

Lisa Gecchele (MRes, 2015)

Harriet Hall (MRes, 2015)

Syarifah Kamariah (PhD, 2015)

Andrew Power (MRes, 2015)

Chris Taylor (PhD, 2015)

Olivia Norfolk (PhD, 2014)

Stine-Marie Simensen (PhD, 2014)

Iain Sticko (MRes, 2014)

Esther Kettel (MRes, 2014)

Aliya El Nagar (PhD, 2014). 

Nick Gladman (MRes,2014).

Luke McLeod (MRes, 2014).

Gabby Flinn (MRes, 2014).

Sarah Fowkes (MRes, 2014).

Helena Ajuria (PhD, 2013) - Maintenance of female-limited colour polymorphism in the crab spider Synema globosum (Araneae: Thomisidae).

Monica Padilla de la Torre (PhD, 2013) - Mother-offspring vocal communication and temperament in cattle.

Joćo Pedro Pio (MRes, 2012) - White-crowned black wheatear pavements

Katy Thompson (PhD, 2013) - Sinai baton blue conservation

Ed Tripp (PhD, 2013) - Heathland conservation

Rohanna Dow (PhD, 2012) - Why are there imperfect Batesian mimics?

Abdlrahman (PhD, 2011) - Insect herbivores and neighbourhood effects in plant communities of Al Jabal Al Akhdar 

Uttaran Maiti (MRes, 2011) - Syrphid phylogeny and feeding behaviour

Brad Ochocki (MRes, 2010) - Modelling frequency dependent selection in space

Finn Stewart (PhD, 2010) - Willow tit conservation

Job de Roij (PhD, 2010) - Host-parasite coevolution

Lauren Gough (PhD, 2010) - Spatial ecology of desert shrubs

Lucy Groves (MRes, 2010) - Interspecific interactions and sexual selection

Amy Shepherd (MRes, 2010) - Ants and the Sinai baton blue

Olivia Norfolk (MRes, 2010) - Bedouin gardens and biodiversity

Sarah Blake (MRes, 2010)

Olivia Curno (PhD, 2009) - Maternal effects and immune function in mice

Sam Lewis (MRes, 2009) - The maintenence of polymorphism in space

Tim Newbold (PhD, 2009) - Species distribution modelling of Egyptian biota

Tim Phillips (PhD, 2007) - Altruism and sexual selection